Saturday, May 27, 2017

AP Week 4

Magandang magandang umaga po sa inyo!!

Missionary work is the Lord's work!! This week has been unreal. I testify that Heavenly Father knows each and every one of His children, and He wants us all to return back to Him. I'm in love with my mission, nothing else brings this kind of joy than what we are experiencing now.

It seems as if the Lord has just thrown us baptisms.... Experience 1. On Sunday we met a guy named Rod who was looking for the church because his family are members and he wants to be baptized. He was just chillin' outside the gate, we called him, taught him, and now he's got a baptism date in June! 
2. We met this couple who is so awesome! They're so prepared it's unbelievable. They're the Duterte family :) They've committed to come to church bukas and they have a date for June 24.
3. Yesterday, this guy came to Aurora chapel.. he was looking to be taught and baptized (he was taught dati but it stopped after he left his province). We came, he's in our area and now he's preparing for the 24th as well :)

Ya, Heavenly Father is just showering His blessings on us!! He's really taking care of our area. Elder Fano and I are excited for June man. We are ready to get it! 

Brother Kidmar will be baptized today!! :) 

Vince on the other hand is going to wait until June, he's not quite ready.

We had a couple teenagers who came to church (Salazar family) They're going to be our goal for June as well. 

Good things are happening. The mission is going to hit more baptisms this month than we have in many years, so it's exciting. President Koster continues to inspire us. 

The Spirit has testified to me too many times for me to deny the restored Gospel. Let us all believe it, love it, and live it! 

Love y'all,

Elder Johnson

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