Saturday, May 20, 2017

AP Week 3

My wonderful dear family,

It was great seeing your faces and being able to talk to you over skype last week! I love y'all so much!! I can't wait to see you in 3 months...but there's no time to think about going home, there's too much that needs to be done here in my mission!! 

We had a great week of work, it felt sort of normal, we worked like crazy this week! We proselyted the crap out of the area and witnessed miracles daily! We were able to go on splits with the ZL's  twice this week, so we've found so many new investigators who are ready to be baptized. I can't even testify enough, our area is white!! It's white and so ready to harvest!! 

We met with the ZL's yesterday and had an awesome meeting on how we can be more successful leaders. It was perfect. We all received revelation as we sat in council together. The mission is on fire! The missionaries feel it, and we are starting today a mission wide fast for our 182 baptism projection. I love what President Koster told us yesterday, "we are not here to plant, we are here to HARVEST."!! These people are ready and great things are happening. It's been a lot of fun.

Vince will be baptized on May 27th! This guy is incredible. I feel honored to be able to teach him. He's been so prepared. We are also working on Brother Kidmar. He's again, someone special talaga. We're preparing him as well for next Saturday..but we'll see. 

Well, I love y'all. Have a great week! :)

Elder Johnson

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