Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 3 Quezon City

Maayong buntag, (bisaya language)
We had a solid end to our week. Mark is getting baptized on Saturday! He's amazing, he cried during his baptismal interview because of how excited he his to become a Mormon haha. Also, we gave a baptismal date to his friend Rollo for March 25! He came to church yesterday. We had 9 investigators which was a big improvement for us here. The members are seeing that we are baptizing and bringing people into their ward so they are getting excited. We continue to visit them like crazy, like I'm talking every day we have at least 1 appointment with a member. We are gonna bug them and help them get on board to this wonderful work of the Lord. We've got some power houses in our ward. I've never experienced this until now where the members are experienced, a little mayabang haha because there are former stake presidents, area seventys and mission presidents here. It's awesome. 

Elder Bednar came to the Philippines and we heard his broadcast the other day. It was so powerful. I was able to talk in sacrament yesterday about it as well. 

My companion Elder Enari and I couldn't be doing better, really though. It's been fun leading this zone with him.
Love y'all. have a great week :)
Elder Johnson

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