Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 1 Quezon City

My first week in Quezon City, Bago Bantay area was awesome! It's been a blast working with my new companion Elder Enari! Hes a stud. 2 foreigners teaching the restored gospel in the Philippines...nothing much better than this. We have a lot in common. Best of all, we both understand our purpose and have a burning desire to serve the Lord. Our zone needs some work, but we are excited to be together and to be able to change the culture here in Quezon City.
Our miracle this week was incredible. The Lord blesses those who are righteous and obedient! So, I had a feeling to buy a drink from a tindahan on Thursday as we were walking to one of our appointments. As we stopped, this 12 year old kid came up and asked us "Are you mormons?" We were surprised because 1. He spoke fluent English and 2.He sounded like he's been waiting for us. He then talked about how his Lola (grandmother) is Mormon and that when she used to live here she would take him to church every Sunday (she now lives in America). He told us, "Ya I've been waiting on you elders to come and visit me, but none ever came.  Then, "I want to become Mormon." haha. We were shocked man. We then went to his house and talked to his yaya and his legal guardian. They are super nice and have no problem with kuya Mark coming to church and becoming a member of the church. 

Anyway, on Sunday we picked him and his yaya up and took them to church. They met some friends and we are going to try and baptize Mark on Feb. 25. This will be a miracle baptism and a solid start to me and Elder Enari's transfer.
My companion and I both have the mindset to baptize weekly, and it's gonna happen. We met with the stake president this week, had a missionary fireside with the stake and are planning to visit all the members of our ward and help them get fired up about missionary work. A lot of good things are happening. I'm excited to let y'all know about the miracles the Lord will be working in our area and in our zone.
We baptized brother Jubert this past Saturday (he's a part member). There are a lot of part members here in our area that we are going to try and get baptized in the next month or so. The area isn't hard (I don't believe in that) but it is different. The way to find new investigators is going to take more effort on us working well with the ward. Tracting isn't effective here so we are working on doing some unique finding ways :)
Elder Johnson

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