Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 8 Cogeo

Happy May family!
The weeks continue to fly by. It's crazy that I've been in the mission field for 8 months now! 

The beauty of being a trainer is that I am constantly learning! This week we had some unsuccessful days with our work. I remember one of the TA's telling us that our attitude as trainers is so important for our trainees. Sometimes this week I got discouraged because of some lessons. Let's just say, having this responsibility has been stressful for me at times. It's not easy- constantly I'm striving to be the best I can for my anak- Elder Andrada. I received a letter from President Revillo that talked about the importance and sacredness of my calling to train a new missionary. It really is the foundation of my trainee's whole mission, what type of missionary he will become, who he is, what he learns...all depends on me! grabe mahirap talaga haha
Watching my companion grow every day and improve in the adjustment to missionary life is one of the best feelings/joys of this work. Every day he improves in teaching and is doing so well in applying the things from the 12 weeks program. It really is amazing to be a part of this- seeing the development of a new missionary, my anak, Elder Andrada! The best thing is, I feel like I'm learning more than he is!! haha
Not much has changed with our work. We did find some more potentials to be baptized in the later months. But right now, we are really focusing on Brother June Barreno and Oliver! 

June is doing so well. The Lord is working miracles here for us. After having the opportunity to fast for my investigators, I was afraid that June and his family weren't going to show up at church because it was 10:40. But during the sacrament they walked through the chapel doors!! The relief and joy that I experienced was indescribable. Brother June is really showing his faith and his fruit is his repentance!  The only problem is still his addiction to cigarettes. We're hoping that he can still be baptized on May 28, but he needs to be completely clean soon. We're doing everything we can to help him and to achieve the goal of 2 baptisms this month pero it's up to the will of the Lord. 

That's all for the week family. I truly believe that Heavenly Father answers prayers talaga.  He answered mine this week! He is watching out for me here and is blessing us tremendously! I'm excited to continue in this wonderful work! 

I love y'all! Talk to y'all next week.. skype tayo :)
Elder Johnson

My anak, Elder Andrada

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