Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 10 Cogeo

Dear Family,
Sobrang masaya ako! 

What an awesome week for Elder Andrada and I here in Cogeo! We continue to receive blessings and we experience miracles everyday...well where should I start haha. This week the Lord blessed us with many new potential investigators. We went into this week with only 4 people with a baptism date, and now we have 10! We are really excited about the coming weeks and the progression of our investigators. 

This week Elder Andrada and I worked hard on using the cycle of inspired teaching every lesson. The results of our efforts were incredible. The spirit and noticeable difference in our lessons were extreme. We truly felt edified after many of our lessons this week.
My anak is a stud! Being his trainer is so amazing and I absolutely love it! This week in one of our lessons he lead the HTBT with one of a new investigators. As I sat and listened I was so proud! He testified boldly of our purpose as missionaries and he set expectations!  It was so great.  And at the end of the lesson we gave this guy a baptism date! (This guy is brother Kael who I'll share real quick how we met him- so we were tracting and it was about to rain. Just our luck- we saw this guy outside his house with his shirt off covered with tattoos and piercings. I think most missionaries would have just kept on walking. But I decided to stop and talk to him. Long story short, he's one of the nicest Filipinos I've ever met and has great faith in Jesus Christ! The moral of this story is, as missionaries we talk to everyone, no matter who you are, where you live, or what you look like. The Gospel is for everyone!
We had a lot of help from the members this week, which is necessary talaga. It was a lot of fun to work with RMs and members to fellowship our investigators. I know that every lesson goes so much better with a member present.
Brother June Barreno is doing so well, as usual. He continues to show his faithfulness and willingness to repent. He's becoming converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Also by the way, during his closing prayer on Saturday night, he cried. What a powerful and spiritual experience that was :). 

Brother Oliver is so great. This week we taught the Word of Wisdom. He has no problems. We committed him to give up drinking tea and he didn't hesitate to accept living this commandment.
On Sunday I experienced true joy ulit. Brother June Barreno and his wife, Oliver, Philip (progressing investigator), and Isabel (her baptism date is next Monday May 23) all came to church! So much hope here in the Cogeo ward! The work is progressing and I'm so excited to baptize in the month of June!
Family, continue to pray for brother June, that he can overcome his addiction. We taught about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how it can help him with this problem. We told him by the end of this week that he needs to be completely clean! I had the opportunity to fast for him and I know that any thing is possible with God!
I love my mission, I love this work, and watching my investigators become converted to the gospel builds my testimony of this true church!
Until next week, ingat po kayo palagi
Elder Johnson

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