Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 11 Cogeo

Magandang umaga po sa aking pamilyia,

I have a firm testimony that Heavenly Father hears and answers each and every one of our prayers! You'll know why later as I talk about brother June Barreno :)

This week, our work was ok lang. We had some trouble finding new investigators but the investigators that we do have right now are mostly all progressing! We're so excited for the Barreno family, Oliver, Philip, Isabel (whose baptism is next Sunday!) and Kael. 

The highlight of my week was the miracle that Heavenly Father has blessed us with. It's quite amazing actually. So... this week we continued to follow up with Brother June Barreno about his smoking cigarettes. Each day he was smoking less and less which was good. Pero on Wednesday when we visited him, he was sick (caught the flu/ fever). We then asked him, so brother "this means no cigarettes today right?" He responded, "wala" which means none. Although we were sad that he was sick, we believe that this was Heavenly Fathers plan for him! We know it was because the past 5 days he has smoked 0 cigarettes and continues to tell us "wala na". He has no desire to smoke again because he feels sick to his stomach all the time now. We expressed to him our gratitude for his faithfulness and courage to quit, but I know that this was all Heavenly Father. He works in mysterious ways to help his children. 

He has answered my prayers, our companionship prayers, and my personal fast. I truly believe that because I fasted for him last Sunday, the Lord blessed me and brother June! God hears and answers our prayers according to our faith and diligence! I KNOW IT! 

My anak Elder Andrada is doing so well. We continue to grow in unity and get to know each other more. Our goal this week is find new investigators and to help Isabel, June, and Oliver prepare for baptism! 

Last night we visited the Barreno family, and although Heavenly Father has blessed us and their family, he has also given them a huge trial. As we walked into their "home" they had no electricity (just candles lit). They told us that they had no money to pay for their electricity. Sister Barreno started crying. She told us that she knew God would give them trials and challenges like this as brother June continues progressing in the Gospel. We shared a verse in the BoM (Alma 36:27) and tried to comfort them. This is a really difficult trial of their faith but they are strong and I know they'll press forward. We committed them to pray as a family and to ask our Heavenly Father for help. I have nothing but love for this family. I can't even imagine what it's like to have no electricity or money to pay the bills. It's humbling to be here in this wonderful country. These Filipinos really have the greatest attitude and faith in Jesus Christ. It's incredible.

Continue to pray for the Barreno family. That's really all I can ask. I'm excited for the plans that God has for us this week :)  Man, every day is a new challenge and I've learned to expect the unexpected! I love this work, the gospel is true, and God lives and loves us! 

P.S. Congratulations Kaley and Mitchell, I'm sure your wedding was awesome. Love you all!! 

Elder Johnson

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