Monday, June 13, 2016

Busy week!

Good afternoon family!

It's been a busy week for us here in the Quezon City mission. We just came from the mall in city, and we got to do a session this morning in the Temple! There's nothing better than being in the House Of The Lord. It's a time for us missionaries to get away from the work for a little bit and just focus on feeling the Spirit and the presence  of God. 

Well a lot has happened this past week. There is a ton to tell y'all!

During zone training this week, the Zone Leaders introduced to us the new expectations and goals from the Philippines area presidency! When they showed it to us, I was so excited!! They told us how we need to be having 16 baptisms a month.. yes.. 16! But they showed us how, and it's awesome. It's not going to be easy, and it's going to take a lot of faith and time, but I know it is possible! We just have to use the tools the Lord has given us! I'll explain more about this as time goes on. :)

We had a great 12 week program week this week. It's one of my favorite weeks, talking about extending commitments! Elder Andrada is coming to really understand that we need to give specific commitments boldly every lesson to help our investigators repent! 

Last Monday was so fun. We had FHE at the Bareno "home". It went really well.  I'll send pics :)

Heavenly Father gave them another trial this week.  Long story short, they ran out of money because June has no job right now. They needed food so we were able to help them and contact Bishop. Luckily the church is awesome (true) and helps people in need. We are one big family with 1 return back to our Heavenly Father! 

I love my investigators! 
Brother Oliver had a slip up on Saturday night. He took a shot of wine. When we stopped by his house to say hi he knew what he did was wrong and felt so bad. haha He's so awesome talaga. He texted us right away and apologized and told us that he needed to repent and never do that again. He's the perfect investigator. He's progressing and is preparing for July 2 :)

Brother June and Joan have no problems. They're ready to be baptized on June 25! The problem is Sister Bareno (member). She always tells June to read, pray, go to church, but she herself isn't doing it. We are now focusing on them as a family and helping her keep our commitments too. 

Brother Philip didn't come to church on Sunday and we didn't know why. During our visit on Sunday night our worries vanished. He told us that every day he thinks about his baptism on July 9 and is so excited. We taught him the importance of attending church every week. He's committed. The only problem is that we can only teach him once a week because his job is at a call center. 

The DeGuzman family is awesome.  They came to church again and are reading the BoM. Their baptism date is in August. They are golden as well. I love them. They will be a strong family in the church and a big help for the Cogeo Ward. 

WE HAD A BAPTISM on Saturday!!! After 3 months, sister Isabel was finally baptized! It went really well and we are so happy for her. She really showed us her desire and testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Well, that's mostly all haha. Continue to pray for the Bareno family. This week will be his interview with our district leader to be baptized. We are so excited for these next 4 weeks!!

I love y'all, ingat po kayo! 

P.S. Happy Fathers Day and Happy Birthday to my amazing dad who I am so proud of and miss so much. I love you my best friend- dad

Elder Johnson

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