Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sablayan Week 4

Magandang umaga pamylia ko!!

What a great week here in my wonderful area Sablayan! Last Monday we had our first zone training! It was great. I love my zone leaders- Elders Tonga and De Dios. They're awesome. At the training they talked about the lessons in Preach My Gospel and how we as missionaries need to STUDY, BELIEVE, LOVE AND TEACH the lessons in chapter 3. It's so true! I'm grateful every day for personal study- to really dive into the Book of Mormon and PMG. My knowledge of the gospel continues to grow. I don't know everything, and I'm for sure not a perfect teacher but man...I know this church is true!!

Tuesday we had splits with the zone leaders. I worked with both of them. They're such amazing missionaries. Hopefully one day I'll be as good as them. I'm grateful to be placed where I am surrounded by these missionaries. I've learned a lot about how to teach, and different skills, and of course trying to improve my Tagalog. 

Wednesday night was one of the most powerful lessons that Elder Santiago and I have taught together. We taught Brother Donald about free agency and how it's a gift given to us from God but it's so important that we use it wisely and follow Jesus Christ! Unfortunately Brother Donald has chosen to give the Book of Mormon back to us and not get baptized because his wife threatened to leave him. I was so disappointed, but Elder Santiago told me, "We did our part. He used his agency- we can't be sad."
Thursday wasn't the best day. Elder Santiago felt like I didn't have his back in one of the lessons. I learned from that mistake and I'm growing and trying my best. Our companionship continues to grow. It's strong right now. He's a little impatient and I've had to learn to just do what he says, because he's my trainer. He's a great missionary and his testimony and knowledge of the gospel is incredible. 

Saturday we taught the temple preparation class. It's so fun teaching the members about the importance of the temple. That night we had a Family Home Evening. I love the FHE's so much! The Filipinos here are so awesome. I love them all. I love the Philippines!!
Sunday I spoke in sacrament meeting! I feel like the members don't understand me but I'm trying my best. And now today we're on the mainland! I'm in Manila right now.  We're probably going to go to the mall later and then tomorrow is the big day... I get to meet Elder Andersen and Elder Renlund!! How incredible to meet 2 apostles of the Lord. I can't wait. 

Well that's it for this week family. I miss you all. Hope y'all are doing great. It's almost Thanksgiving...geez time flies...I've almost been in my area for a month! Talk to y'all next week, love y'all!!!

Elder Johnson

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