Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sablayan Week 3

Kumusta po kayo pamilyia ko!!
I'm still getting adjusted to every day missionary life here, but every day gets better and better. I'm grateful to be here in Mindoro and my wonderful area Sablayan. 

This week I had ups and downs for sure. Elder Santiago continues to push me with his training, teaching me everything he knows. He's tough on me sometimes, but only wants the best for me. He's a great trainer and I continue to learn every single day! There is so much room for improvement, and Preach my Gospel is amazing. This week I learned in my 12 weeks program about how to "teach people not lessons" and "find when you teach and teach when you find." I really struggle with the gift of discernment and discerning what the investigator really needs to hear. Elder Santiago is great at it so it's nice to learn from him. Every day I pray for this gift and of course the gift of tongues. Being a missionary is hard work, and it's stressful in every way, but I love it. Elder Santiago asked me a question this week.. "Elder Johnson, are you truly happy here being a missionary?" I hope soon I can say that I really am. I'm trying my best to lose myself and really strive to be fully committed. I'm excited and so grateful for this journey ahead of me. I truly do need this mission.
Great news.. they're making branches here and hopefully soon wards and stakes. The church is growing!! It's so humbling to be here and to help build up the kingdom of God here in Sablayan. I think the most rewarding thing is walking into church and seeing my investigators!! It's incredible to watch investigators progress and make steps to come unto Christ. Sister Mary Ann, Brother Robert and Donnabelle, Lucy (old lady who me and Elder Santiago never expected to come because she's a hard core Catholic) all are progressing so well! Bad news.. our most progressing investigator Brother Donald is possibly not getting baptized this Saturday. His wife is so against it and won't allow it. She's very hard- hearted. Please pray for Brother Donald that he will make the right decision and be baptized. He was so ready but because of his wife, he's doubting. Keep him in your prayers- he's a great man. I could possibly be sending a picture next week with my first baptism. We'll see!
This week we had exchanges, I had the opportunity to work with Elder Lopez! It was great. I learned a lot- he's a pretty new missionary so we could relate. It's interesting to see how different missionaries teach. One thing that I liked from him is that he likes short, but powerful lessons.

This week I tried chicken blood and intestines!! haha. It was actually masarap (delicious). The food here is great. We eat at like the same 3 restaurants at night. They're little huts. It's so humbling teaching lessons in huts or basically sitting on wood seats outside. It's amazing. These people are so humble. They're looking for the gospel, and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to share it with them. The members are awesome. I love them all so much. Their testimonies are so strong even though they're all mostly recent converts! 
Thanks for the prayers, family. I miss y'all and love y'all so much! I'll talk to y'all next week!
Elder Johnson

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