Saturday, September 12, 2015

MTC Week 2!

Kumusta po pamylia!

Well I have been here at the missionary training center for 11 days now. I'm still getting used to the fact that everyone calls me Elder Johnson haha. No more Brandon, but I love it. This week it finally hit me that I am a missionary of the Lord, representing Him. Being here surrounded by great examples makes me want to be better. I learn something new every day (not just Tagalog). It is so amazing to dedicate every single day for the next 2 years to Jesus Christ. Doing personal study, and companion study has increased my testimony of the gospel so much more!!  I literally all day am privileged to study God's teachings, the doctrine, and Preach My Gospel. Although I have read Preach my Gospel and the Book of Mormon many times, I have learned something new every day. It is so incredible. Every day here at the MTC gets better. My last email I was really stressed, but I have learned that there's nothing to stress out about.  

My companion and I have taught 5 lessons and we just finished with our first investigator!! His name was Ronaldo (real name is Brother West) but the coolest thing ever happened... He became our teacher! So now we have 2 teachers, Brother Uhi (who is great) and our "investigator" Ronaldo! I have learned so much from teaching Ronaldo. Elder Sanft and I learned that you have to teach by the spirit!! It's the most important thing. We have to teach to the investigator's needs, not just teach our lesson plan. I am sooo lucky to have Elder Sanft as my kasama (companion). He is the best! We are already best buds and we call ourselves the Dynamic Duo!! haha. So Elder Sanft is basically fluent in Tagalog which is frustrating because I feel so behind.. but I have faith that it will come! Slowly but surely. Our next investigator is Jay. Pray that I can feel charity and love towards him as we teach him the restored gospel this week. 

I can feel y'alls love, thank you so much! Also keep the Dear elder letters coming, those are my favorite thing ever! Reading them every night brightens my day and I love to know what y'alls days are like. I am praying for all of y'all as well! I wish I had more time and to respond to all your sweet messages but I can't. It's so busy here and I love it. I am looking forward to this week and to becoming a better missionary! Talk to y'all next week :)

P.S. the food.. I'm getting sick of - I have gained a few pounds :( , ive been playing basketball everyday which is awesome! ( still haven't found any competition )

Elder Johnson

 This guy (Elder Huish) is a stud at bball (nothin on me though).  He's going to Quezon City so maybe we'll be companions.

 Elder Owens from BYU

Elder Fano

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