Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 7 Quezon City

We've seen the tender mercies from the Lord in our area and with our investigators that will be baptized in April. Hearts have been softened, and things are going smoothly for now. We are going to baptize weekly for the first time since the Lord has revealed his expectations to our mission- weekly baptisms. It's been a grind, and my companion and I can't stop talking about it. We even talk in our sleep about it haha. President is waiting for a companionship in the mission to be able to accomplish it and we feel that with absolutely relying on the Lord it will be done this April in the Bago Bantay ward Quezon City zone! It'll be a big impact on the mission. We need your prayers more than ever!
Rollo was interviewed and will be baptized on Sunday after the church service. Nelia is progressing and has shown her desire by coming to church even with so many trials. She also brought her daughter and her grandchild who we are going to try and baptized on the 29th of April. Adrian and Rowie are progressing as well. We've loved being able to teach them and see their change :)
The Lord has revealed to Elder Enari and I a new goal for the month of April as a zone for baptisms...25. It might sound crazy, people think we are haha. But we couldn't be more excited for this!
Elder Johnson

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