Monday, April 3, 2017

Start of Weekly Baptisms

Happy spring! (summer in the Philippines.. haha it's really hot right now)

Last monday night was so perfect...we had an FHE (Family Home Evening) at the rooftop of a condo where one of the Seventy lives (one of the leaders of our church)! Brother Pagaduan offered to have an FHE at his place where we could bring investigators. At first we thought Nelia and her anak weren't going to show up. We were praying so hard, and at 8:30 pm they finally came! It was a short, fun, and spiritual FHE where 6 of our investigators were able to experience the fun of a FHE.

We were led "not knowing where to go" multiple times again this week. It's been amazing. The Lord just continues to guide us to his children. We met Marie, who's husband worked as a driver for all the seventys, mission presidents etc. He died last year but always tried to get his wife Marie to come to church. We were led to her house this week, taught her about eternal families, and she cried with joy knowing one day she'll see her husband again.

Another time was Saturday night, it was 8:30 pm as well. We were sure the member was home, but they weren't. Elder Enari and I were so confused. We thought this was where Heavenly Father wanted us to go, we both felt prompted to go to this specific area, and all of the sudden as we walk down the stairs we walk by a less active (who usual hides or doesn't talk to us). Surprisingly he calls to us, "Elders, I need your help." Long story but this guy has been going through some trials where he feels trapped by Satan. He's done some things and he knows he needs to come back to church. We were able to give him a blessing and he came to church yesterday!

I testify of Jesus Christ's power. Through Christ's Atonement, we can be made free. We can feel forgiveness, peace, joy, and God's love for us. I know that we are all children of God, and he loves us all. I also testify that God knows us, and he has a plan for us. We may not know "why this? why that?" But God knows best. We just need to trust Him. It's been humbling this week for us. I need to trust in Him more and rely on Him more. He will lead us back to his kingdom one day if we simple let Him and follow Him.

We baptized Christian Rollo Valentin yesterday! It was awesome, the whole ward stayed and supported. Because of Mark, his friends are also receiving the Gospel. Rollo is amazing. I can't wait to see him serve a mission and be sealed in the temple one day. 

Next week we will baptize sister Nelia! 
Adrian is preparing for the 15th. We need your prayers for who will be baptized on the 22nd. We are also teaching Rowie (young men referral) and sister Melaine (anak ni Nelia) and are preparing them for April 29. It's going to be a solid month of work, we couldn't be doing better! :)

Elder Johnson

Mark's Baptism

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