Monday, April 10, 2017

Quezon City Week 9

This week took us by say the least. As you know we were planning for weekly baptisms this month. All of the sudden, out of the blue, all 4 of our projections are now gone. We can't believe what happened and Elder Enari and I still are asking ourselves why. 

Nelia and her anak Melaine texted us this week and told us (they were out of town visiting their family) that they don't want to join the church anymore. Adrian's mom and dad do not want us to baptize Adrian, and Rowie hasn't showed us any desire to do the commitments that lead to baptism... we are now left desperate for at least 1 more baptism in April and with no investigators at this moment. It's kind of discouraging, but hey, that's the mission.. it's glorious! We couldn't be happier though, especially with the amazing general conference and with the success of our other zone mates. We are happy and as of now putting our trust in God and doing His will. I've understood that God knows best, He has a plan, we just need to be willing to humble ourselves and follow it.
We have been teaching the relative of Mark Gobrez.. (she's like his Lola but not really) her name is Gemma...she's awesome let me tell ya! Her heart is telling her to be baptized but her mind isn't. We are trying for April 29. We need your prayers! 

General conference was incredible and life changing. The church is true. I continue to ponder on the things that Heavenly Father wants for me to do as I come towards the end of my mission. I had the great opportunity to go to the temple today and ponder in the celestial room. I love my mission, I love the Philippines, I love these people. I love my Savior Jesus Christ.

Elder Johnson

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