Monday, September 26, 2016

Pasig Week 5

Hoy Kumusta kayo?

It was a successful birthday and week here in the Philippines! So much progress this week. A lot of good things are happening. It's exciting! 

On Tuesday I worked with my older brother in the mission - Elder Tokanang (his tatay/trainer is also Elder Santiago). We had such a fun exchange. He's from Kiribati so he's super makulit and he's going home in 2 weeks so I tried my best to help him not get trunky and finish the mission strong. (especially because he's one of our District Leaders). He has a different spirit with's contagious and powerful, and made me strive to have that same type of strong spirit with me.

Elder Vergara and I have been blessed with many new investigators these past weeks...the miracle has been that we have found the ones that are willing to commit and now we have 6 solid progressing investigators. The Sta. Ana family came to church on Sunday! They are really recognizing the spirit in their lives and are starting to gain a testimony. Now we are just helping them understand the Restoration, but they're doing so well! Oh and also they came to a baptism on Saturday, and were greeted by the members with love. I've realized that's one of the most important things we must do as missionaries is to help the members learn to fellowship and friend the investigators. We've been striving to have a couple the same age join us in the lessons, and in my experience, the lessons are much more powerful and effective because the investigator has someone to relate to and share their feelings, instead of 2 20 year old boys haha.

We are also super excited about brother Rolly! We just met him last week and he came to church on Sunday! He reminds me a little bit of brother Oliver- super nice and has been prepared by the Lord for the Gospel. He is preparing to be baptized on October 29.

Ramon (old tatay that we've been teaching) will be baptized on Friday September 30! He's been a long time investigator who has a testimony talaga that this is the only true church.

My birthday on Friday was great, it really was :) We celebrated with some pizza. My kabahays are awesome.
But I want to share with you all the best news I have ever received since being a missionary. on Friday we had a language test so I saw all my Provo batch at Aurora chapel. Anyway I talked with Elder Huish! (who by the way is my anak's - Elder Garcia's follow up trainer in Cogeo) so it was so sweet catching up with him about Cogeo, the investigators, my RC's etc...GUESS WHAT?!! Oliver Palomares is going to baptize his wife Viviet on October 1 !!!! When Elder Huish told me that I wanted to cry I was so happy. That's the best thing that has happened to me talaga. I felt just complete joy. That family is so incredible!!  To think that I was used as an instrument to find, teach, and baptize Oliver and now he has the priesthood and will baptize his wife, pure joy talaga.  This is what it's all about!!

Our zone is doing well.  We're trying to finish the transfer strong and keep up the momentum.  We feel an improvement with the work of our missionaries here in Pasig which is a positive. To be honest it's still weird being a zone leader.  I'm still trying to figure things out and doing my best to fulfill my calling.

Thank y'all for the prayers and all the birthday wishes. There's no other place I'd rather be than here in the beautiful Philippines helping these people come unto Christ.

Elder Johnson

 Happy birthday, Brandon!

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