Monday, September 5, 2016

1 YEAR!!!

Happy 1 year family!
Masaya ako talaga!! (I'm so happy) to be a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! It's so crazy how fast 1 year has gone by, no? It feels like just yesterday I was in the MTC, struggling with Tagalog haha. To be honest I feel like this year has been super successful, and I've done my best.. but this next year, my last year in the mission I want to do extraordinary things. As a zone leader I've caught the vision of what the Lord expects of me. Now it's time to push and help my zone catch that same vision.
It's been so fun this week working with my companion, Elder Vergara. We bought a "get to know you" card question thing.. it's opened us up haha. We have such good unity and are really striving to become the best missionaries we can be. In our weekly zone planning we discussed what we need to do as leaders to help the elders and sisters in our zone. It's not easy receiving revelation for 24 missionaries but, it'll come. Fast Sunday was yesterday which was exactly what I needed; especially being new and not really knowing how to lead a zone. My prayers have definitely been more reliant, knowing Elder Vergara and I can't do this work without the help of the Lord.

Last Tuesday I had the chance to go on my first "surprise" exchanges with one of the Elders in my zone. It was interesting to say the least. Let's just say this Elder and is work ethic, attitude, and desire is holding us back from becoming the best zone in the mission. It was great though because I was able to have an evaluation with him and really figure out the problem. It comes down to desire.  Who do we really want to become? Why are we here serving? What does Heavenly Father expects of us? Sana, because of continued follow ups, some of our elders will shape up and get to work haha.

Since I have arrived here in Pasig, the work has improved.  This week we really found out with some of our investigators kung handa ba sila na mabinyagan or hindi.. Elder Vergara have come to a conclusion that Joan and Ramon (scheduled for September) are not ready.. so we've moved on! Although some unfortunate things happened to a few of our new progressing investigators, Heavenly Father has really blessed us with new ones to replace! It's been a small miracle that has occurred in our area this week. With 2 new part member families that the Lord has placed in our path and a new family who just accepted a baptismal date last night (they are member referral). It doesn't look like we'll have baptisms for Sept, but Oct and Nov we are excited!! 

My new ward is...ok I guess haha. Elder Vergara and I have made it a goal to visit all the members in our area so we can build trust and gain referrals.  We're excited to get this ward excited to do missionary work.
That's all for this week. I love and miss you all!! 1 more year :)

Elder Johnson

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