Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 21 Cogeo

Dear family and friends,
As a District Leader and as a missionary in general I have the chance to receive personal revelation. Revelation for my district and for myself. It's so awesome. This week I gave a workshop on "Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts." This has been the common theme of missionary work around the world and we continue to emphasize it here in the PQCM. I was able to dig a little deeper and talk about how we as missionaries need to help our investigators to understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ by teaching them how he suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane and how the condition of the Atonement is repentance!  We also did a role play about how we can help people truly repent.. we do this by giving them specific commitments. The workshop went really well. I'm grateful for the spirit which guides me everyday doing the Lord's work.
I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with one of the elders in my district this past week. The exchange went really well, and we both learned a lot. This elder (elder Nawaia) is close to the end of his mission. He's been pasaway most of his mission and told me during our evaluation that he wanted to change and go back to his old obedient self at the beginning of his mission. It was cool to see that he has a desire to finish his mission strong. I've seen the past few days changes in him. I hope it continues.
On Thursday I had my first interview with President Koster! It went so well! He's so awesome talaga. I was able to open up with him about how I'm doing with training Elder Garcia and being a district leader. He expressed his gratitude for my efforts and it comforted me knowing that I'm doing a great job. I told him that it's been difficult. It really has. He told me that he had a strong feeling that Elder Garcia should be my companion. He confirmed to me that this is what I need and these callings are from Heavenly Father. I am really going to enjoy this next year with President Koster. He has such a strong spirit and desire to do missionary work. He's a stud.
Elder Garcia is doing well; he improves daily. What's been a big help is doing role plays. It has not been easy and sometimes I've gotten frustrated and impatient, but I'm trying my best to really help him. I'm excited for these next days and weeks because seeing my anak grow is the best feeling ever :)

The DeGuzman family is doing well. the problem is that brother still has a Word of Wisdom problem with coffee. We set a date where we said that by August 10 he should be completely done. He's also behind in the lessons and with his testimony. We are going to have to take some time really focus on Bro Deguzman and help with gain a testimony. They might not be baptized in August but we are going to continue to help them be ready for the end of August :)

Thanks for your prayers, I love y'all!
Elder Johnson

Part of Brandon's MTC District reunited!

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