Monday, August 22, 2016

Transfer Week!! New area, and New Calling

Hello Family!
On Sunday night President Koster called me.  He extended to me my new calling in the's crazy man.
I've been called to serve as a Zone Leader in the Pasig zone!! I'll be in Pasig 4a and my new companion is Elder Vergara. To be honest I'm not really feeling too much right now; mixed emotions of course. But this past week I've learned from one of the RM's here that always works with us that we as missionaries can't be stressed. We need to be happy, always!! If we are stressed we won't be happy. totoo yan talaga! So although I'm thinking about the these wonderful people here in Cogeo that I will be leaving, I'm excited for the next journey that Heavenly Father has ahead for me!
It's been a great week for us. Our investigators are progressing and I feel confident in Elder Garcia that he can lead this area well and keep the work going strong here in Cogeo!
I want to share with you, my family, one of the best experiences we had this past week. On Saturday we taught the Palomares family and it went absolutely perfect. We invited one of the members who is a perfect fellowshipper for Oliver and his wife din. During the lesson, we asked the member how the gospel has blessed his family. After that sister Viviet Palomares (wife of Oliver) really opened up and shared with us how she has seen the change in Oliver since he became a member of the church. She was tearing up as she told us that that is what she wants for her go to church as a family and be happy. It was literally perfect and the Spirit was so strong. I'll never forget it. My wish now, as I leave, is that soon sister will be baptized and before I leave the mission they will be preparing to enter the temple :) I couldn't be more excited and happy for the Palomares family and the future ahead for them.
It's been a fun 6 weeks training Elder Garcia. I learned a lot from him. He taught me patience and humility and love. I hope he will continue to become a successful missionary and apply the things that he has learned. This transfer has flown by. I feel like I still don't know Elder Garcia too much; he's pretty shy. But it's been super fun getting to know him, seeing him opening up, and helping him adjust and become an effective missionary.
Well that's all for now. I'll probably have a lot to say next week in my new area. Tonight I will be saying goodbye to the members and my recent converts. It's going to be sad (especially the Bareno family and Oliver). But it's only for a short time..."til we meet again!!"

Elder Johnson

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