Monday, March 7, 2016

First Week in My Second Area- Quezon City 4B

Kumusta po,

Well I have successfully completed my first full week in my new area in Quezon City. Man it's like a whole different mission compared to my last area in Sablayan. I'm actually in the city- maraming cars, people, pollution, and it's always cloudy. It's a different kind of poor here too. It's hard to explain but in some areas it's like walking through narrow alleys and some of the houses are so tiny that I have to put my legs outside haha. I really do like it here though- the members are so awesome.  They feed us a lot haha. My bishop is great, and I'm in a ward! It's a change for sure, but I'm loving it.
This week has still be stressful for me. The work here is really hard, like it's tough. The most difficult part for me has been trying to lead the planning- where to find, and just adjusting to this change. But at the same time, I've learned a lot and I almost have the area memorized. Having kunti lang investigators is sometimes discouraging, especially at night time when we don't know who to plan for, but the work is progressing here. We had one investigator at church yesterday and he's really interested - he's just slightly weird haha. Our other investigators have potential, but the most important thing that I've decided to do is to continue to FIND. My area needs new investigators and the best way for us to succeed is through the members! Member referrals are key! And the members here are so willing to help us, so I'm excited to continue building a relationship with all of them and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ! 

This week have really enjoyed being a trainer. I absolutely love it! The things that I've learned from Elder Santiago I've applied my training to my anak- Elder Petilla. I know I don't know everything, but I feel as if I know my purpose as a missionary and I know how missionary work is supposed to go. My companion Elder Petilla expressed to me his struggles and weaknesses. He's so awesome. I look up to him talaga- he's the most Christlike person ever. It's crazy. I've been able to really help him and understand his challenges, because I was in his shoes just a few months ago. I know this transfer will be great with him. We will accomplish great things with the help of the Lord! I love this work family, and I really am grateful to be a part of it. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for this area and I'm excited to be here and watch it grow as I put my trust and faith in my Savior Jesus Christ. 

Thanks for all the prayers, I love and miss you all. Ingat po kayo palagi! 

Elder Johnson

 We did some family history work with members this week.

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