Monday, January 18, 2016


Great news family....I'm still here in the best area in the mission- SABLAYAN!! I'm so happy to be here for at least one more transfer. I was so grateful to get the call from my zone leader and for him to tell me that I'm staying. It means the Lord still needs me here in Sablayan!
This week was pretty normal, nothing too special. I'll share with y'all some more cool experiences and things that I continue to learn from more experienced missionaries. Elder Sambile (my district leader) worked with Elder Pedrosa and me this week. I was excited to work with him and to get his help with a few of our investigators. So our priority 6 has changed once again (it changes a lot because of investigators not progressing). Brother Christian- who was supposed to get baptized Jan.23 has really no desire to come to know of the truth. It's really sad actually. We taught a powerful lesson about the importance of why we're teaching him and told him, "Brother, this is about your salvation!" We had to be bold and tell him that this is serious (he wasn't taking the lessons seriously- especially the word of wisdom). And he expressed to us that he doesn't really care. So unfortunately, Elder Pedrosa and I are giving him one more chance to sincerely read and pray, but if he doesn't then we will not focus on him anymore. 

Brother Nilmar is progressing talaga. He reads and knows the truth.. the problem is just getting him to church! We taught a member's friend and his family. We think they have potential for sure. By the way, "missionaries succeed more with the help of the members." - PMG chapter 9. It's best to try and teach referrals from the members! That's one thing Elder Pedrosa and I have been doing and will continue to do these next couple weeks.
So the 2016 Philippines area vision is to establish the church! Which means completing part member families, getting the young men worthy to serve missions and receive the Melchizedek Priesthood, and to find and baptize families. I'm excited to focus on these things and to establish the church here in Sablayan! 

Unfortunately no baptisms again this month.  But I will not get discouraged. Discouragement ruins everything in a missionary. "My expectations must always remain high" - PMG chapter 1

Love you all! Ingat kayo!
P.S. I love my companion, I continue to eat weird foods ( this week was chicken feet) and yes I still use my hand... 

Elder Johnson

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