Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chapter 1: MTC (A Poem by Dad)

Dear Elder Johnson,

A kind  of graduation you might say
The end of an amazing MTC stay
Short stay by calendar days for sure
But spiritual gains will long endure
A pathway of life change you see
The language, people, love to be
A love by message that God indeed
Loves all his children their every seed
The people to know God's love alone
By you--an Elder bee -- no drone!
You will stand all amazed every day
The  power of His Spirit in every way
A graduation, the close of a chapter 1
In a book you are writing--dear son!

Love, Dad

Today we received two pictures from Brandon!  Tomorrow he is headed from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles, LA to Hong Kong, then Hong Kong to Manila, Philippines!  Keep him in your prayers as he has a long day of traveling ahead.  

Don't forget that you can always keep in touch with him by emailing him at:

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