Monday, October 10, 2016

Pasig Week 7

Family! :)
I'm so grateful for this week that I had talaga. It's been such a spiritual, motivational, and inspiring week here for me. Because of the Missionary Leadership Council, and General Conference, I'm back on track ready to conquer anything the Lord places before me.
I'm also so grateful for my companionship that I have with Elder Vergara. As missionaries, and companionships, we must have the spirit to be with us. If it's nonexistent, we cannot do this work.  With both of us noticing our need to change, we were able to communicate and discuss what we must do in order to be powerful and unified. We are so excited for this transfer and it's already off to a hot start!
On Friday we had the monthly MLC with President Koster and all the leaders in the mission. This was my second one so I knew what to expect and how to prepare.  Man this meeting was powerful let me tell ya! The spirit is undeniable and it wouldn't be the same without our wonderful mission President and his wife. From the start, they bring a sense of fire and excitement that gets us (as the leaders) pumped up and ready to inspire our zone. President Koster wants changes in this mission, not just the usual average baptisms every month. Heavenly Father has high expectations and it is our responsibility to carry out the work! Our zone training workshop tomorrow is gonna be sick.  The zone will feel the spirit and hopefully catch the desire and vision of what we can accomplish. Please pray for me and my companion as we prepare our workshop! salamat :)
Quotes i loved from MLC from our leaders: "There's nothing better than what I am doing which is 'Declaring Repentance!'" (D&C 15 and 16)
"Be excited, go out to teach and baptize!"
"I am successful when I feel the spirit in my work and desire the salvation of others."
"Keep going, don't stop, don't ever give up"
"Listen differently, with my heart, not just my ears"
" Gods plan is eternal, not everything will be accomplished in these 2 years."

I couldn't have been more excited to watch General conference! It was awesome! 

I bear testimony that Thomas S. Monson is our living and true prophet on this earth and that this church is Christ's true church. I felt it, and I know it to be true.  How lucky we are to have this Gospel that brings us JOY! Do we feel that joy now?
I could write for days about the things that I loved from conference, but I'll just share a few:
"Pray with your heart, not just your lips."
"Have Faith in Jesus Christ!"
"If we read the Book of Mormon every day, we will never go's impossible!! We will be converted to the Restored Gospel."
Are y'all reading the Book of Mormon daily? Do you exercise your faith in your Savior Jesus Christ? Do you have joy even in the midst of your trials? Are you praying with your heart?

Ponder those questions :)...because I did! 

I love y'all and I'll talk to y'all next week!
Elder Johnson

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