Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 8 in Sablayan

Hello my wonderful family!

This week Elder Pedrosa and I did a lot of work. We sat down together in our planning session, looked at the board with all the names of our investigators... and I knew changes had to be made. We then erased most all of the names. We basically said we would change the focus of who Elder Santiago and I were focusing on and find new investigators. The ones that have been on the board for at least 2 months have either not been progressing, or can't get baptized because of marriage problems. 

So this week Elder Pedrosa and I focused solely on finding! The Lord really blessed us this week. We found 4 families and 4 solid potential male priesthood holders. I've realized that if we want Mindoro (my zone) to become a stake and for Sablayan to become a branch we need priesthood holders and families! I'm grateful for this week. Miracles definitely are occurring here in Sablayan. We extended 5 baptism dates to our new investigators. I have faith that in January we can baptize at least 4. 

Also this week, we've been blessed with referrals from members that we will contact next week. I've realized since being out on the mission that it is super hard to get investigators to come to church and even to read the Book of Mormon! It's so disappointing when we follow up and ask "Did you read and pray about the BoM?" and then they respond, "ah pasensyia po kasi busy ako." The key is to love them, and then recommit and tell them the importance of reading and praying to know the truth. 

Nothing else really this week family. It was a great week of finding. I'm excited for the upcoming weeks and to continue to find people that are ready and have been prepared to receive the gospel and are ready to be baptized now! 

Also on Saturday night when we were working I started to get signs of a fever. I struggled to finish the day.. the past 2 nights have been awful. My fever is pretty bad right now but I'm living on Advil (life saver). Hopefully it will go away soon. I don't have time to be sick- I've got to get to work! 

P.S. I'm getting fat for real...I eat too much rice haha

Love you all! Talk to y'all next week!
Elder Johnson

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